In Exportadora Data Base we are aware of the need to listen and understand the training needs of our customers in order to offer effective solutions to help them in developing their organization.

The methodology used in each case depends on the material involved in the training, as well as the accreditation of teachers in the same, they always have the necessary certifications from different manufacturers HW and / or SW.

Exportadora Data Base training

"4 paths"

HW infrastructure
It consists of a set of physical devices and telecommunications services that provide connectivity data, voice and video to employees, customers and suppliers
Software Base
The software is the newest asset of organizations whose value is obtained by the importance of use, efficiency, and data processing capacity to facilitate operations
SW Developement
It helps to understand the various technological components used in software technology infrastructures in order to master its design and implementation
The main objective is to make IT areas become an asset to the organization through efficient management focused on the lifecycle of services