Any computer project in mind,
but do not know how to interpret your idea

We provide the necessary professionals to meet any technological need
The EDB tool to expedite the process of selection and recruitment resource


What makes us BIG?


We offer a service in the form of temporary work (ETT) to some reduce certain costs and reduce processes affecting the company.


We offer a coordinated service in Network Engineering, Hardware


We provide specialized resources on Web Technology, Operating Systems and Programming Languages.


We provide specific and technical training, always with the necessary certifications from different manufacturers.


We create solutions noninvasively and fully permeable to real customer needs.

We can work together to develop your projects.

We have invested a lot of time in technology and partnering with leading companies to provide the platforms and services more reliable and faster.

Specialized Training

We have the necessary certifications from different manufacturers HW and / or SW.
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We work together with our students to guide them properly during courses.
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We apply the teaching methods recommended by the manufacturer and its Best Practices.
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We have a group of experienced teachers to teach courses.
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We cover all the expectations of our students.

About Us

We are committed to provide our customer experience
We are the inspired force that drives new dynamics and initiatives

EDB is a service company specialized in the environment of information technologies and communications. We work to help our customers become more efficient in all aspects of their organization that are not key to their business.

The success of the projects developed by EDB, is due to our ability to meet the changing market needs and our customers, creating a competitive advantage and adding value to the business. Our success over the years can be measured by the companies with which we have worked and continue doing it. Our customers are leaders in their respective businesses, who have placed their trust in us.

Our success depends on our human capital. Our employees are constantly trained in a culture of service, which promotes responsible management as a business and a commitment to ethical actions that contribute to the development of a sustainable society.


Software that allows us to work with virtualization engine KVM, XEN or VMware combining them into a single platform

We focus on converged management platform structures virtualized

Quick and agile management services for both internal use and for third

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