Private Cloud

With Private Cloud, enter in the world of private cloud, from the hand of our converged solutions structure. Which allow you to enjoy all cloud services at your own site.

Hybrid Cloud

ith Hybrid Cloud, take advantage of your IT resources and take advantage of a good use of your structure, riding a hybrid cloud where you can have your structure insolates and to sell services to third parties.

Manages public and private clouds in a single user interface (UI). Launch new services. Automate workflow. Maximize return on investment (ROI).

Quick and agile management services for both internal use and for third parties.
Dynamic growth as hot migration services.
Internal costs control and third party billing.

Bring all the good of IaaS in a highly resilient and scalable fully automated environment.

OnApp Software converts its data center in an Infrastructure-as-a-Service power. It offers the public, private and hybrid cloud; dedicated servers; DR; SaaS and PaaS hosting; CDN, web acceleration and more through a single and intuitive portal.

It has an easy digestion and agile creation of new virtual machines.

Use OnApp to simplify infrastructure management, automate your data center, maximize their hardware investments, and deliver cloud secure and intuitive for customers, partners and employees services.

OnApp monitors, measures and calculates billing for a wide range of hardware resources.


VMware, Xen, KVM & EC2
Build public and private cloud services in multiple hypervisor technologies, and manage a user interface.
Hybrid multi-cloud management
OnApp Cloud can manage multiple on-premise clouds, extend and demand in public or private clouds in the OnApp Federation, all it managed seamlessly through the same portal.
Portal personalizable e intuitivo
OnApp Cloud interface is more intuitive and flexible user industry. Available for browsers, iOS and Android devices, is rebrandable, extensible and has a user management system and robust permissions, which features a configurable functionality for different user levels, IT equipment, billing team and collaborators.
High Usability
OnApp gives you full control over the resources available to individual virtual servers; It supports multiple areas of performance and availability in a cloud; It supports multiple clouds through a user interface and access the system and has auto-climb (up and out) as standard.
High Availability
OnApp is extremely robust, and the battle proven in thousands of implementations of global clouds. It includes automatic failover, the scheme multiple backup, support active-active high availability total and the ability to extend real-time replication and restoration through OnApp DRaaS.
Ultrafast Deployment
OnApp is a cloud platform turnkey business-like. It comes with an envelope full service including remote installation and free updates - is available as a fully hosted service also.