Docker is one of the most known and used in topics virtualization projects. Far from being an operating system as such, this open source platform makes use of the resource isolation functions of the Linux kernel to result in separate containers, witch within it will run in a single application with their respective dependecies, but always running with a single kernel, the real machine, virtualizing instead of one for each container or virtual machine.

With our experience and technology we can virtualize a Linux operating system with all applications that we need inside.


Physical Docker Appliance
Configuration as your level Docker both hardware and service solution. Just tell us what you need and forget
Virtual Docker Appliance
Use your existing virtualized infrastructure and leverages the Docker virtualized Hub facilities for service deployment, VDI and / or applications.
Docker Support
We support our solutions both virtual and physical or projects already deployed with a previous study


Containers as a Service
We create, execute and implement Distributed Appl. quickly and at any scale
Container as Service Data
Containers as DB Service, which can run non-technical users
We can store and manage containers managed and protected by IT Security Infrastructure

Main Features

Self-management containers and reliability
Free applications dependencies installed on the host system.
Ability to deploy many containers on a single physical computer.
Docker base application will manage existing resources to be responsibly allocated between the deployed containers
Very light containers that facilitate storage, transportation and deployment.
Damos soporte a nuestras soluciones tanto virtuales como físicas o a proyectos ya desplegados con un previo estudio
Ability to run a wide range of applications.
Quick Start Up and Support Multisystem.