Disaster Recovery & Backup/Recovery

A disaster recovery is a recovery process that covers data, hardware and software critical for a business to start new operations in the event of a natural disaster or caused by humans. This should also include projects to deal with the unexpected or sudden loss of key personnel, the purpose is the protection of data.

Reasons to use a
Disaster Recovery & Backup/Recovery

There are different risks that can negatively impact the normal operations of an organization. A risk assessment should be performed to see which is the disaster risks it is susceptible to a specific company, including:

  • Catastrophes.
  • Fire.
  • Power failures.
  • Terrorist attacks.
  • Organized or deliberate disruptions.
  • System and / or equipment failure.
  • Human error.
  • Viruses, threats and cyber attacks.
  • Legal issues.
  • Employee strikes.
  • Social unrest or riots.

Tell us what your Disaster Recovery and / or Backup / Recovery needs and we will design an appliance tailored to your needs, helping in its deployment, maintenance, monitoring and support.